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Vikkie 2020

Thanks for visiting my site!  Before you do anything else, check out the ‘contact’ and ‘links’ pages and if you want to get in touch, I’ll be pleased to hear from you!  I’ve been writing since August 2013 and it’s something that I really enjoy; I mainly publish interviews with bands and reviews of gigs and new releases. Feel free to browse my past posts – there is always something new in the pipeline, so check back soon – you could always follow me, too!

I am a regular contributor to PowerPlay Rock and Metal magazine.  I have had pieces published on Ever Metal, Rock Regeneration, Lizzie’s Lowdown, Do More magazine, Red Dragon Records, Get Your Rock Out, Metal Temple, the Bournemouth Echo and CultNoise Magazine.

To date, I have interviewed Steve Overland (FM, Lonerider), Phil Campbell, Chantel McGregor,  Electric Guitars, Stone Broken, Rival Sons, Asking Alexandria, Nothing More, Heaven’s Basement, Glamour of the Kill and Max Raptor, to name but a few.

I am on a personal journey with my writing; when I started, I was fired up to make a career out of it and rose a fair way in a short space of time.  A relocation, a new relationship and job meant taking a back seat with my own site to concentrate on writing for other people, as I couldn’t fit everything in.

Lately, I have realised that I miss the cheeky requests for interviews, the fighting to get big PR firms to get little old me on the review list and the satisfaction that comes from publishing my own work on my own site.  There’s no money in this game; I’m doing it because I love words, I love music and I need a creative outlet.  The fact that people actually want to read what I have written is awesome and humbling, so thank you for stopping by – I appreciate your support!


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