Slipknot release new single ‘The Negative One’

slipknot the negative one

Legions of maggots all over the world are wetting themselves with joy right now to be hearing the new Slipknot single ‘The Negative One’.  I like the band, although I’m not a super fan, but I thought I had better give the track a listen in the name of research.

It has everything that we’ve come to expect from the ‘Knot.  I had the volume right up and I feel like my brain has been pulverised.  Although it is unmistakeably Slipknot’s style, it’s wholly new for 2014 and our heroes are back with a vengeance.  Let’s face it, with all the issues they’ve had and with a six year gap between the last studio album and the forthcoming effort, they could either have folded, or come back with something pretty special … and that’s what this is – a massive middle finger up to all the haters.

Corey Taylor sounds angrier than ever and there are some serious musical props going out to him and his boys for knocking out such a tight, killer track.  I foresee absolute pit carnage in clubs up and down the country when this hits the turntables.

The video is set for release on 5th August, but in the meantime you can find the audio here: –

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