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Interview with Villains’ Matt Steane

Following the triumphant release of their first single, ‘The Fall’, Chelmsford rockers Villains are back to caress our ears with a new tune, ‘Wicked Ways’.  I managed to grab five minutes to interrogate guitarist Matt about the latest happenings in their world.

Villains group shot

Your new single, ‘Wicked Ways’, has had over 1,600 views so far and seems to be creating a buzz on social media.  How does it feel knowing that people are getting into your music?

It’s one of the best feelings in the world! We played a hometown show on Saturday and it was great to see so many people singing along. Wicked Ways is one my favourites from the album and was always seen as a potential single, so to see that people are picking up on that and enjoying it means the world to us.

Did you enjoy playing Ipfest and did you catch any new bands that you can recommend?

Ipfest was an awesome show. We’d actually shot a video during the day for our next single so we were all pretty shattered by the time we got to the show. But when we went on there were a fair few people down the front and that definitely gave us the boost needed to play. Because we got there a bit later we didn’t get to catch all of the bands, which was a shame, but I can safely say that people need to check out WHEN GIANTS FALL.  I don’t listen to much heavy music these days but I was well impressed with these guys. I think it can be difficult to make decent heavy music without being typecast as one thing or another so it was really refreshing to see them putting their own slant on it.

You’ve supported some pretty big names on tour like Soil, Blitz Kids and Fearless Vampire Killers; who has been the best band to tour with so far?

I think they’ve all been great for different reasons. The Soil/Fozzy tour was the first tour we did and it was a great opportunity to get out there and to play to a lot of people in different places around the UK. Playing with Blitz Kids was awesome as well; they’re good friends of ours and being asked to play their album release show was a really great moment for us. It coincided with our single release at the time as well which was perfect really. The guys in FVK are awesome too; some of the nicest guys in rock music to be honest. So I couldn’t really pick a favourite if I’m being honest. Every tour we’ve done has been great for different reasons.

Are you planning on doing any more dates this year?

We’re always keen to get out there and play to new people. We’re hoping that we might get the opportunity to hit up some more support tours later on this year and play in some new towns that we haven’t visited before.

If you had to pick one band to tour with, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

From a completely personal point view it would be The Who. In my eyes they are the greatest band in the world so it’s pretty self-explanatory as to why I’d want to tour with them! I can’t imagine the rest of the boys would necessarily agree with me on that one but hey, I’m doing the interview so I’m answering the questions!

Who or what inspires you when you’re writing songs?

When it comes to song writing I think the key for us has always been to write about things that you can relate to. We all listen to a variety of music and that blends well to create a sound that we would typify as ours. Renz writes the lyrics and a lot of what he writes is auto-biographical and is based on events that have happened directly to him or were close to him. He writes in quite an open-ended way though, which means that his lyrics are always open to interpretation. That still happens with me sometimes; I’ll ask him what a song is about and it will often be something very different to what I thought originally!

Might we expect an album any time soon?

We’re writing at the moment with a look to record a few more songs at the end of the summer. So we hope that they will be available for people to listen to in the not-too-distant future. That’s all I can say about that at the moment….

What’s your take on the state of the music industry right now?

That’s a good question. I think it’s very difficult to judge really. One minute you can be on the up and all of a sudden it is ripped from under your feet. I think British rock music in general is amazing at the moment. There are so many great bands out there that are absolutely smashing it, but how many bands have you seen come and go in the last few years? I think it’s very much a case of living for the moment when you’re in a band these days, because one minute you can have the world at your feet, and the next you’re back stacking shelves at Tesco.

What are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been spinning the latest Canterbury album a fair bit recently. It’s unbelievably good. The new album from our friends in Verses is also incredible and well worth checking out.

What’s next for Villains?

As I mentioned, we’re writing and recording towards the end of the summer. We’re then hoping to get out on the road towards the end of the year on a support tour or two. We’ve also got another single coming out towards the end of the summer which we shot the video for the other week, so we’re all pretty excited about all of that.

We’re excited too!  You can check out the video for ‘Wicked Ways’ at the link below, as well as the band’s Facebook page.  Look out for some tour dates and some more music later this year!



Interview with Hours

 I recently caught up with the awesome band Hours to have a chat about their impending tour and new single ‘Crossfire’.  Enjoy!

Hours pic

I believe the band is just over a year old. How did you come together?

Yeah, that’s right. It’s been a crazy year! We came together through knowing each other from previous bands and over a period of messaging each other, writing and laying down demos, we eventually came together to give it a go as a group. Before we knew it, we were in the recording studio and doing gigs. It’s certainly been a busy first year!

How would you describe your style and what to expect from a live show to a new fan?

We certainly find inspiration in a lot of different places, which has really helped us to shape our own style, but I’d say our music would be for fans of bands like The Dangerous Summer, Deaf Havana and Mallory Knox. When it comes to live shows, we’re really proud of our live performances. We definitely don’t hold anything back – we leave everything on the stage. That’s how it should be when you’ve paid to come and see us, right?

Glad to hear it! You released your debut single ‘Casino Lights’ last year and you have been featured on the BBC Introducing show; what sort of opportunities has that opened up for you?

We were really proud to release ‘Casino Lights’; we wanted to make sure that when people asked what we were about, all we had to do was show them the song and it went down really well. BBC introducing was a great stage for us to do that. After the release we managed to land some really great shows with the likes of Natives and We Are The Ocean, which were all great opportunities to further our fan base.

How did it feel to see yourselves in Kerrang! Magazine?!

Opening up the magazine that is essentially the alternative music bible and seeing an article about ourselves in there was very surreal. I think we all felt a very childish sense of excitement that Wednesday morning, haha!

You’re touring next month, how are you feeling about getting out on the road?

We’re all really looking forward to it but there’s a bit of nervous anticipation amongst us. There’s a lot of temptation on the road and we’ve been known to enjoy a drink or two. So, lots of partying, 8 days in the van, sleeping on peoples floors … it should be a lot of fun if we make it out the other side!

Do you engage with fans, i.e., are you happy to hang out after shows, talk to people on social media, etc?

We love to engage with our fans, we’re big fans of twitter and we’re always hanging around after our shows to talk to people and make friends, it’s one of the best things about being in a band getting to meet all these wonderful people.

Your new single ‘Crossfire’ is out in August – who/what do you draw your musical influences from?

For this single, as corny as it sounds, we definitely influenced each other. Each idea that was hatched was followed by another from someone else. We kept challenging each other to go further and now we’ve ended up with a song that is a really honest representation of who we are and what we’re about.

Any notable ‘fantasy’ rock star moments so far? Who would you most like to meet?

We’ve been really lucky in previous bands as we’ve gotten to brush shoulders with some really cool people like Ed Sheeran, McFly and Deaf Havana. We were also good friends with the Mallory Knox boys too. In our short year, we’ve still managed to pick up a few messages from Go Radio and Anavae, plus we’ve enjoyed the company of both Natives and We Are The Ocean. As for who we’d like to meet … I think we’d all like to catch up with the Mallory Knox boys again at some point, that would be pretty cool.

If you could tour with any band of your choice, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Probably You Me At Six, they’ve been such a big influence on each of us at some time or another and I can’t imagine any part of that tour being anything but fun!

What’s your opinion on the current state of the music industry?

To be honest it’s hard to care about the industry side of things when all we want to do is go to new places, meet new people and play our hearts out each night. If it gets to a point where we can’t do that our opinion might change.

Where do you hope Hours will be in 5 years?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, all we hope for is that we can keep enjoying playing the music we love, to the people we love. Anything more than that is a bonus. Sure, we’d love to see things go as far as we can take them but at the end of the day we’re here to enjoy ourselves.

Hours Crossfire pic

You can catch the Hours gang on the following dates in August: –

1st, London – Relentless Garage 2
2nd, Leicester – Lock42
3rd, Birmingham – Rainbow
4th, Newcastle – Think Tank
5th, Manchester – Sound Control
6th, Nottingham – The Maze
7th, Norwich – Waterfront

Check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hourstheband 

Pulled Apart By Horses – new single & tour date news

Mark the date of 1st September in your diaries!  That’s when Pulled Apart By Horses’ new track ‘Lizard Baby’, and their third album ‘Blood’ will be hitting your ears …


“[Lizard Baby] has all the hallmarks of a future anthem, with a call and response verse and an explosive, unforgettable chorus” – Gigwise

Pulled Apart By Horses have announced details of the next release to be taken from their hotly anticipated third album ‘Blood’.  ‘Lizard Baby’, which received it’s premiere on Radio 1 as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record on 8th July, is out on 1st September on the band’s own label, Best of the Best, through Sony Red.

Partly inspired by the birth of the royal baby last summer, you can make your own interpretation as to what that means!

“I guess it vaguely touches on the media & public attention given to people in the lime light and how people can adopt alter egos or change with power” explains Pulled Apart By Horses front man, Tom Hudson. “There’s also a bit of a dig at bands and performers who put on a false show or a contrived act.”

Listen to ‘Lizard Baby’ & watch the pseudo video here (official video to follow soon):


A three minute, hypnotic rock sleaze fest, ‘Lizard Baby’ is the follow up to ‘Hot Squash’ which received amazing responses, spent four weeks on the Radio 1 playlist and caused the NME to proclaim “Pulled Apart By Horses are now a serious rock band.”  Of the new track, Q said “this time around they’ve slowed down their schtick to a stoner-rock chug on this snarling gem.”  These two teasers from their new album ‘Blood’ demonstrate the new musical and lyrical maturity the band have achieved since their last release.

Pulled Apart By Horses have also just confirmed some new regional UK dates in addition to their European dates for Dr Martens and main stage Reading & Leeds Festival slots.

Full live dates are now:

August –
18th – Coventry, Kasbah
19th – Nottingham, Bodega
20th – Liverpool, East Village Arts Club
23rd – Reading Festival
24th – Leeds Festival

September –
8th – Paris, Maroquinerie
9th – Hamburg, Molotow Exil
10th – Copenhagen, Rust
11th – Stockholm, Debaser Strand
13th – Amsterdam, Bitterzoet

Album track listing:

  1. Hot Squash

  2. ADHD in HD

  3. Lizard Baby

  4. You Want It

  5. Hello Men

  6. Skull Noir

  7. Grim Deal

  8. Bag Of Snakes

  9. Outahead

  10. Medium Rare

  11. Weird Weather

  12. Golden Monument